50% of shoppers have made a purchase based on a recommendation through a social media network.
When it comes to making a purchasing decision, 74% of consumers rely on social media.
Results from advertising through social media is trackable vs traditional advertising having a guess at best.

Preston Media is an Advertising and Marketing company located in Virginia Beach, Virginia with a primary focus on Social Media.

We strategize a customized game plan tailored to each client based on the business location, competition, market, audience, etc...to maximize results.

Through our unique strategies and deep network reaching over 100 Million followers across social media, we help our clients get in front of the right audience while growing their online presence.


Our company helps build brand loyal fans that will become lifetime customers. We aren't just about likes and followers. We are about turning those likes into leads and then customers.

If you're business is new to social media, needs a boost, or would like to revamp the brand, we are confident we will be able to help.

Chris Preston is the founder and CEO of Preston Media.

He is an expert in social media growth and marketing with almost 2 million people following him across his social media accounts. He also has been mentioned on Influencive and Inc.

Chris has delivered successful results to hundreds of clients ​with his social media services. Over the past couple of years he has seen trends making a major shift. Customers are increasingly making more purchases online or with brands they have a connection with through social media.


Because of this major shift in the market, Chris decided to start Preston Media to bring value to businesses and brands that want to build an online presence, increase revenue, and engage with their customers more.


Fill in the form and someone will contact you to setup a social media consultation.


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